Glenn Walters

Glenn Walters

Role: Pastor

Worked as an evangelist in London before accepting the call to the Pastorate in Peel in 2010.

Latest sermons by
Sun, Nov 03, 2013
Series: Harvest
Do you have selective vision? Do you see the people around you, how do you respond to them? In the providence of God there is no audio recording of this message, but notes have been typed up.
Sun, Oct 27, 2013
Passage: Hebrews 2:1-4
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 37 mins 26 secs
A strongly worded exhortation to give heed to the Gospel of Christ.
Sun, Oct 27, 2013
Passage: Mark 1:21-28
Duration: 40 mins 7 secs
What happened when the Lord Jesus Christ was the guest speaker for the worship service? The people were astonished at his teaching and amazed when he cast out the demon. It was Jesus' custom to go into the synagogue on the Sabbath Day. Church attendance on the Lord's Day is vitally important.
Sun, Oct 20, 2013
Passage: Hebrews 1:2
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 41 mins 9 secs
Jesus is the final messenger of God, and he is the message. Any claim made by someone else to be the final messenger of God must be rejected. What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of God?
Sun, Oct 20, 2013
Passage: Mark 1:16-20
Duration: 37 mins 51 secs
The pattern for the church, for all christians throughout all ages. You are called to serve, to love your neighbour. Your neighbour needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you claim to be a Christian but are not sharing your faith with others then I question your salvation.
Sun, Oct 13, 2013
Passage: Hebrews 1:1
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 34 mins 55 secs
First message in what is proposed as a series looking at the Epistle to the Hebrews. This was written to christians who were in danger of looking back to the externals of the law; the prophets; the priests; and the sacrifices, rather than seeing that all of those things pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ, and were all fulfilled in him. In Philippians, we are told that he has been given a name which is above every name. He is above everything. Christians are to persevere with their eyes fixed upon Jesus, the Author; the Finisher; and the Perfecter of their faith.
Sun, Oct 13, 2013
Passage: Mark 1:14-15
Duration: 37 mins 10 secs
People think Jesus came to carry out miracles and heal the sick. These did demonstrate his authority, but if that is why he came then something must have gone wrong. No, he came to preach, so we must give preeminence to preaching the gospel.
Sun, Oct 06, 2013
Duration: 42 mins 42 secs
Here we see the attitude of three people: a sinful woman; a religious man; and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sun, Oct 06, 2013
Immediately after his baptism, the Lord Jesus Christ faced forty days and nights of fasting in the wilderness, followed by the temptation which satan placed before him. It is important to remember that Jesus was not only fully God, but also fully man.
Sun, Sep 29, 2013
Passage: Matthew 24
Duration: 34 mins 32 secs
There is always the danger of being selective in our choice of Bible texts. We are going to look at three parables from matthew 24 and 25, but in the context in which they are found.
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