Glenn Walters

Glenn Walters

Role: Pastor

Worked as an evangelist in London before accepting the call to the Pastorate in Peel in 2010.

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Sun, Sep 01, 2013
Passage: John 11:17
Duration: 36 mins 21 secs
Physical death comes to us all and even this is used for the glory of God, as we see here with the death of Lazarus. Spiritual death is much more than just separation from God. Many people would be happy with that. Ultimately whether you like it or not spiritual death means being consigned to hell for ever.
Sun, Sep 01, 2013
You will have to go against the grain of this world if you are to live as a christian. It also means that you will have to try and avoid being a hindrance to the Gospel of Christ.
Sun, Aug 11, 2013
Duration: 33 mins 44 secs
Many times the enemies of Christ looked for an opportunity to accuse Him. Here we have them asking if he pays the temple tax. From Christ's response, there are important lessons to learn.
Sun, Aug 04, 2013
Passage: John 11:1-6
Series: None
Duration: 34 mins 12 secs
When you pray to the infinitely wise God, how often do you kindly give him the answer which you desire? You are not speaking to, but at God. You are shocked when you don't get what you want, for your thoughts are all tainted by sin. In prayer you should fall on your knees in total dependency.
Sun, Aug 04, 2013
Passage: Psalms 1:3
Duration: 33 mins 37 secs
Walking by the river side I see trees flourishing. Why? Because of the abundant supply of water. Such is the person who is trusting in the Lord Jesus, meditating upon the word of God; he will be able to flourish spiritually even in times of difficulties as he draws on the never ending supply of God's living water.
Sun, Jul 28, 2013
Passage: Mark 10:46-52
Series: None
Duration: 34 mins
When he heard that Jesus was coming this blind man cried out "Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me." What does it mean for Jesus to be called the Son of David?
Sun, Jul 28, 2013
Passage: Psalms 1:2
Duration: 28 mins 37 secs
The blessed man is in stark contrast to the ungodly. He takes counsel from the Holy Spirit and meditates on what scripture says. This is the opposite of emptying your mind. It is filling it with the word of God.
Sun, Jul 21, 2013
Passage: Psalms 1:1
Duration: 26 mins 29 secs
Enduring happiness comes from being found in Jesus. Now what does a blessed person do? There are some things that he does not do. Advice is not taken or followed from the ungodly.
Sun, Jul 14, 2013
Series: Topical
Duration: 39 mins 42 secs
Because you have heard this text so often, perhaps you miss its real importance. The Lord Jesus Christ was declaring his divinity. If it was not true it was blasphemy! Our world is in darkness, and our land seems to be getting darker. The lie of evolution is soon going to be taught at our primary schools. Courts devalue murder. More and more, it is clear how twisted educated people can be. Their understanding is darkened. They are blind. Perhaps the greatest example is "abortion" if there was ever an example of failing to love your neighbour this is it.
Sun, Jul 14, 2013
Passage: Psalms 1:1
Duration: 22 mins 24 secs
Psalm 1 is about the man who is blessed; what he does not do and what he does. Therefore, it is as well to have a clear understanding of what it really means to be blessed.
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