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Sun, Nov 15, 1992
Passage: Acts 9
Duration: 47 mins 3 secs
Sun, Nov 15, 1992
Duration: 26 mins 44 secs
There is much error about these days and so much of it is not obvious. You need to be careful lest you will be misled.
Sun, Nov 08, 1992
Passage: Matthew 7:20
Series: Harvest
Duration: 34 mins
Harvest message
Sun, Oct 18, 1992
Passage: Romans 16:1-2
Duration: 31 mins 47 secs
Could you be recommended to another church? The apostle Paul's recommendation of Phebe tells us that although she had a pagan name she was born again of the Holy Spirit and that she was a servent of the church.
Sun, Oct 18, 1992
Duration: 36 mins 13 secs
Children lack experience and so are gullible and easily swayed. Sadly many christians are like this too.You should be mature so that you are not easily sucked in be heresy.
Sun, Oct 11, 1992
Passage: John 3:7
Duration: 33 mins 48 secs
Many tghings are optional but one is essential and that is the new birth.Jesus said "Ye must be born again". Regeneration is the entrance requirement for heaven. On the day of judgement many will be told "I never knew you." Attendence at worship is not enough.
Sun, Oct 11, 1992
Duration: 29 mins 14 secs
You have not yet arrived. Under the ministry which Christ has provided for his church you shopuld be making progress. In this text the work of the ascension gifts of Christ in the Church are explained. It is for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ.
Sun, Oct 04, 1992
Duration: 35 mins 30 secs
Dorcas was a disciple, a learner of Jesus Christ, and a women who did what she could for others. She abounded in good works. Christianity is a practicle faith. But, christians are no exception to the troubles and illness. So she was reasdy to die, are you?
Sun, Oct 04, 1992
Duration: 25 mins 18 secs
Christ has given men with a ministry to the church. This shows hios concern for the edification of his people.
Sun, Sep 27, 1992
Passage: Acts 18:1-2
Duration: 32 mins 7 secs
The wife of Aquila, probably a women of note. When they are mentioned together ofteh her name is mantioned first. We read about her for our learning. She was a banished women, having been expelled by the Romans.
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