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Sun, Oct 22, 1989
Passage: Jonah 2:1
Duration: 33 mins 47 secs
Jonah prayed in unique circumstances, but we see the ordinary priciples of believing prayer. This cry from Jonah's lips can help us as ordinary christians to pray. We note he pared from the belly of the big fish. This was a living hell for him. There is no place on earth where we can not pray and be heard by the Lord.
Sun, Oct 08, 1989
Passage: Jonah 4:6-11
Series: Jonah MFE
Duration: 34 mins 47 secs
Sun, Oct 08, 1989
Passage: Titus 3:2
Duration: 31 mins 1 sec
We live is a day of gossip, slander and rumour. These vices are common and causemuch heartarche. The seriousness of this is not realised. Adulty, stealing and lies are swerious sins, but so too is evil speaking.
Sun, Oct 01, 1989
Passage: John 13:6-10
Duration: 31 mins 16 secs
It was normal for a servent to wash dusty feet. It was alowly task. In the upper room there were only the disciples and Jesus. When none of the disciples offered to do this work Jesus, the Son of God, became a servent unto all. Peter then made some mistakes which we can learn from.
Sat, Sep 24, 1988
Passage: John 13:1
Duration: 33 mins 15 secs
The ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to the disciples is exceedingly precious.
Sat, Sep 24, 1988
Passage: Daniel 3:18
Duration: 30 mins 2 secs
Today there is pressure to go along with evil. The powerful demand idolatry. In the book of Daniel the three hebrew men faced the test, would they bow to the golden image? They had the courage of their convictions. They were strong in God's strength.
Sun, Jan 13, 1985
Passage: Ephesians 1:4
Duration: 33 mins 50 secs
The doctrine of election is very difficult to understand. A.W. Pink has said it is a "profound mystery altogether beyond the mind to comprehend." But that does not mean we should neglect it. There are many mysteries, the question of sin, of inequality, of God dealing with some one way in his providence and some another.
Sun, Jan 06, 1985
There has been a time of testing, a time of difficulty. I believe this has been a time of preparation and the the Lord has work for us today.
Sun, Jan 06, 1985
Passage: Nehemiah 4:16
Duration: 29 mins 46 secs
There is a tremendous need for the pulling together of the Lord's people. When Nehemiah explained the problem the people stirred one another up to action. May you have a resolve to reach out to other people with the gosple. Don't delay, immediate action is required. The date is based on a reference to new year resolutions and working in 1985, it is, therefore, uncertain.
Sun, Sep 23, 1984
Passage: John 11:29
Duration: 33 mins 42 secs
This is a truth which brings much happiness to the people of God. Once a man has trusted in Christ he can not fall from a state of grace. He is kept and preserved for God's eternal kingdom.
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