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Tue, Jan 02, 1990
Passage: Luke 4:33-44
Duration: 31 mins 52 secs
Jesus was a teacher, he preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God.
Sun, Nov 26, 1989
Passage: Ephesians 2:8
Duration: 38 mins 39 secs
There is much confusion about God's way of salvation, even in evalgelical circles. But there is on;y one way to God and that is trough the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sun, Nov 19, 1989
Passage: Matthew 9:36
Duration: 30 mins 6 secs
The motive behind all the Lord Jesus Christ's work on earth was his compassion. When he saw people's condition he was moved with compassion. They were scattered as sheep having no shepherd.
Sun, Nov 19, 1989
Passage: Romans 6:15
Duration: 27 mins 19 secs
What role does God's law have for you as a Christian today? The Bible is clear that we are not justified by law keeping. However, we do have a moral responsibilty to comply with the moral law. It is a rule of duty. Christ's obedience does not release you from its obligation. Robert haldane said "the doctrine of justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ does not release believers from obedience to the law "
Sun, Oct 29, 1989
Passage: Acts 24:24-25
Duration: 33 mins 56 secs
Paul took the opportunity put before him to set before Felix the word of God. Felix was alarmed whent he biblical priciples were applied to him.
Sun, Oct 22, 1989
Passage: Psalms 136
Duration: 31 mins 36 secs
We are called to give thanks unto the Lord for he is good, to continually offer our sacrifice of praise.
Sun, Oct 22, 1989
Passage: Jonah 2:1
Duration: 33 mins 47 secs
Jonah prayed in unique circumstances, but we see the ordinary priciples of believing prayer. This cry from Jonah's lips can help us as ordinary christians to pray. We note he pared from the belly of the big fish. This was a living hell for him. There is no place on earth where we can not pray and be heard by the Lord.
Sun, Oct 08, 1989
Passage: Jonah 4:6-11
Series: Jonah MFE
Duration: 34 mins 47 secs
Sun, Oct 08, 1989
Passage: Titus 3:2
Duration: 31 mins 1 sec
We live is a day of gossip, slander and rumour. These vices are common and causemuch heartarche. The seriousness of this is not realised. Adulty, stealing and lies are swerious sins, but so too is evil speaking.
Sun, Oct 01, 1989
Passage: John 13:6-10
Duration: 31 mins 16 secs
It was normal for a servent to wash dusty feet. It was alowly task. In the upper room there were only the disciples and Jesus. When none of the disciples offered to do this work Jesus, the Son of God, became a servent unto all. Peter then made some mistakes which we can learn from.
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