picture of church building at night time

Over the years talented Isle of Man drama groups have staged high quality productions of "Jesus Christ Superstar", this has provided us with opportunities for the church to carry out a public witness to the facts concerning the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why do we do this? It is simply that this musical does not relate the historical Christ of the Bible, his person, life death and resurection are the vital truths of the christian faith. Many people may hear more about the Lord Jesus Christ attending this performance than at any other time, however, Tim Rice (the shows writer) did not set out to give the biblical view. It is his own interpretation and it is radically different.  For example, in 'Superstar' Christ is left in the tomb, there is no resurrection. We believe that the least that we can do is to offer people leaflets explaining the biblical view of our Lord and Saviour. Our 2005 witness was briefly reported by Isle of Man Newspapers.
Matthew Else had the opportunity to speak on Manx Radio about why the church saw this witness as vital. Apologies for the poor audio quality.

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