picture of church building at night time

As members of Tynwald were arriving for the June 2016 sitting of the Isle of Man parliament a witness team from Grace Baptist Church Peel had the responsibility of warning about the deception of abortion. Many were spoken to or took a leaflet. A group campaigning for a further weakening of the Isle of Man law was also present. Pastor Glenn Walters was interviewed by MtTV. The video is on the Manx.net website. Leaflets were handed out, PDF copy here, this is part of the wording:

"God's Law commands us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Abortion is a failure to love mothers and their unborn children.
We have all broken God's Law. We are sinners who deserve His punishment.
God showed His love for sinners by giving His Son, Jesus, to be punished in their place. He forgives all who repent and believe this Good News."

Other Pro-Life demonstrators were also present.

MTV Interview with Pastor Glenn Walters