In the 1980's March was often Gospel Mission time at Grace Baptist Church Peel. A week of gospel preaching, with Matthew Else proclaiming the saving grace of Jesus Christ, often saw the building full as the newspaper article from the "Manx Star" of 12th March 1982 reported. The notable comment from the journalist is perhaps the phase, "One either loves or hates his particular message, but there can be no half measures." This must always be the reaction when the gospel of Jesus Christ is faithfully preached, to some it is the power of God unto salvation, but to others it is foolishness.


A letter to the editor written by Matthew Else and published in the "Isle of Man Courier" 8th October  1982 .


SIR — This letter is written in response to the one which appeared in last week's Courier, advocating the use of pure water for baptism by immersion. I find it interesting to note that your correspondent appealed to the old Hebrew Scrolls for what is essentially a New Testament ordinance. The New Testament, which was originally written in Greek, neither states nor even suggests that the correct title for baptism is "purification of the soul". Furthermore the idea of a devout and holy person praying over the water prior to the ceremony is also foreign to the Word of God.

Lavrengo's dogmatic assertion that baptism by immersion "must take place in pure river water" is another thing which is completely unfounded. Indeed it is open to question whether any New Testament baptism took place in water which was absolutely pure. The river Jordan in which Christ Himself was baptised, is a very muddy river. But did the mud prevent the Lord Jesus from fulfilling all righteousness? Indeed not. Neither did the chemicals in the Peel Pool invalidate the baptism of the two candidates pictured in a recent Courier.

These two friends did not enter the swimming pool for the purpose of being purified and cleansed. As believers they had already been cleansed by the precious blood of Christ. Their baptism was a step of obedience and was simply an outward expression of an inward experience. In view of this the content of the water is an irrelevance.

MATTHEW F. ELSE (Minister) Grace Baptist Church Peel.

The Evangelical Times carried a report of a debate in the newspapers about the ecumenical movement. The debate was sparked by Methodist ministers  and Roman Catholic priests preaching in each others churches for the first time in the isle of Man.  Pastor Matthew Else took part with vigour, earnestly contending for the faith and affirming that 'apart from the new birth there can be no Christian unity'. David Boadle, minister of Onchan Baptist Church , wrote 'to agree that tolerance and love are vital', but also to 'take issue with the assertion that there are no doctrinal differences that prevent fellowship..... To deny certain essential doctrines is to deny the very essence of God's way of salvation. 'For example, the Scriptures affirm both the full deity and the perfect humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ .... Sadly, many professing Christians deny either or both truths, yet this is no bar to ecumenical fellowship .... 'Many deny that the death of Jesus was an atonement for sin, or that he really rose from the dead. This does not exclude them from the ranks of the ecumenical movement. 'Love is vital but truth no less so. There comes a point at which divergence becomes falsehood.'

Not sure of the date of the article, but references in it indicate the 1970s.

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The extension provided a new hall of similar size to the existing hall, built on what had been a largely unused yard. The kitchen was renewed, involving more work than expected, but it was a blessing to find the weak out side wall before it did any damage. The opportunity was also taken to upgrade the toilet facilities to provide access for people with disabilities. The project was ambitious, but by the grace of God it all happened much much quicker than we had dared to hope. Many individuals and churches from around the UK helped us in this.

Some pictures of the back of the building before the extension was built and from the thanksgiving service

Our building has a long history and is consquently old. In the late 1990s major renovation works were undertaken including the roof, and the outside was smartened up too.

The Building on 1st January 1993 showing its sad appearence. Click on the image to enlarge.

Grace baptist Church, Market Street Peel, Isle of Man, in need of smartening up.


Our building in 2012

Grace Baptist Church peel Isle of Man in 2012

and in May 2014

Grace Baptist Church Peel seen In May 2014










This article was published in the Peel City Guardian March 1st 1997.

PEEL CITY GUARDIAN, MARCH 1,1997 THE Grace Baptist Church in Lower Market Street, Peel is now ready for its special Service and Thanksgiving, to celebrate its new 'facelift'. The local firm of Kaneen and Kneen have been working on the building for almost a year to bring the building back to its former appearance in 1910. The other major contractor has been Apex Ceiling and Partitioning Ltd. of St. John's. The plans for this restoration were drawn up by Ray Richardson, and it is estimated that some £30,000 has been spent on the building. £9,300 of this was a grant from the Department of Local Government and Environment, given because the Church is situated in a Conservation Area, and the rest, some £20,000 was generously donated by people on and off the Island during 1996. This money has been used to refurbish the Church internally, buy new chairs and paint the walls and also to replace doors and windows and fit a suspended ceiling. Another major project has been re-slating the roof. It seems a pity that just one week after having the external walls painted, they were vandalised with black paint: which not only ruined the exterior appearance of the Church, but also set back the Church Fund in having to find extra money to repaint them. A few years ago, the former Moore's Mathematical School was sharply criticised in an exhibition set up by Peel Heritage Trust. Photos were displayed showing the building's various defects and, as Pastor of the Grace Baptist Church, Matthew Else, explained, the Church was 'publicly embarrassed'. Unfortunately, at the time it was impossible to even think of embarking on an extensive building programme. Happily, the situation has improved greatly, allowing a building fund to be created and a much needed renovation to be carried out.  Moore's Mathematical School was founded in 1763 and rebuilt in 1845 according to the plaque in the centre of the tympanum. The building as it now appears has a length of about fifty feet with a long low rectangular shape topped by a low triangular attic top, or tympanum, extending over its central portion. It runs along the part of the Street roughly parallel with the promenade, just where the road turns to the right at the bottom of the hill, with a narrow walled and railed off pavement in front of the building. There is a small extension at the rear which is at a right angle to the inward end, which is now a kitchen. The front has two doors and windows, rectangular in shape with Georgian rounded tops and separated by pillasters. The right hand door retains its fanlight. The construction is mainly of sandstone with brickwork forming the arching. A new plaque at the left hand end of the front of the building tells that it was unveiled by John Bell, Patron of Peel Association Football Club on Sunday, 2nd October, 1988, to commemorate the founding of the Club at the Grammar and Mathematical School, Lower Market Street, Peel, on Monday 1st October 1888. However, the new refurbishment is only of secondary importance to Pastor Matthew Else. He explained that the important work of the Church was the preaching of the Gospel, but he hopes that the appearance of the Church will encourage more people to attend services. A 'good turn out' is expected at the special service of worship and thanksgiving for the successful completion of the work - as people who have helped provide funds, local Commissioners and members of Heritage organisations will all be invited. It is likely to be a 'full house' so loudspeakers are to be installed to relay the proceedings into the kitchen! Matthew Else, who has just returned from Africa, is grateful that, at last, the Church is receiving community support.





Praise the Lord, we have once more been blessed with a harvest of food to eat. On the Lord's Day, 3rd November 2013, our annual harvest thanksgiving services took place.


Collage of harvest produce photosAt The morning meeting Pastor Glenn Walters preached on "The Lord of the Harvest" from Matthew 9:35-38. In the providence of God the message failed to record, so here are a few notes from a listener.


Have you ever seen something that others don't see? Perhaps a picture hidden in a mosaic of colours and shapes? Some can see it whilst others can not. However, at other times it is selective vision. You choose to see or not to see. Usually it is sin that causes us to do this. I can remember a group of lepers sitting by the road side. I choose not to see them and walked past as if they were not their. I choose not to see them, and know that was wrong. We must learn from this type of experience. Closely related to this is choosing who to be friendly with, or even who you talk to. In our passage what we have is the Lord Jesus Christ seeing the multitude, and having compassion on them.


September 2010 marked a major step for our Church and for Glenn Walters, together with his family, for he moved from London to take up the Pastorate.

William Randall brought the charge to the Pastor (audio here) and Phil Lo Bao, from Grace Baptist Church Port Erin, the charge to the church (audio here). Evangelical Times carried a report which you can see here.

In the summer of 2011 Pastor Walters was interviewed (link here)  on Energy FM radio about the London Riots. 

Our present site and building have long histories, but as a school rather than as a church. In 1765 a Mathematical school was opened for instruction in mathematics and navigation. By 1836 the school had declined and the building was in a very poor state so the school was closed. Work started in 1844 on a new building and a house for the school master. This was finished in time for the school to reopen in 1848. It closed as a school for the final time in 1892 but the St. Germans Young Mens continued to use it until the early 1950's. Peel Football Club was founded in the building in 1888 and to mark the centenary a commemorative plaque was unveiled after a special service.

In July 1973 Grace Baptist Church Onchan held a gospel mission in Peel. Much work was undertaken in visitation and the meetings were greatly blessed of the Lord. Regular meeting were started and in January 1974 the Church was constituted. With the blessing of the members at Onchan, Matthew Else, their minister, took up the Pastorate in Peel. In the early years meeting were held in the Christian Street Hall (now the Philip Christian Centre), which meant a lot of moving of chairs.

Matthew Else

Matthew Else was the first Pastor of Grace Baptist Church Peel. He was suddenly called to glory in 2008. "Reformation Today" carried a memorial article which is now on "The Banner of Truth" website.

There was a detailed article which you can read on Isle of Man Newspapers site.

The photograph shows Matthew preaching the gospel from the pool during a baptismal service in September 1982.

Some of his sermons have been transferred from tape to mp3 and uploaded, view sermons here. This is a work in progress, it is hoped to add more on a regular basis as the Lord enables. The tapes are not being digitised in any particular order, but as they come to hand. This has the advantage of making a sample of different series available. The recordings cover the time from mid 1984 up to May 2008 and are for the Lord's Day ministry. As a general rule the Bible Study meetings were not recorded.

Subscribe to MP3 podcast (listed in date Preached)  or Date uploaded (for sermons uploaded from September 2014 onwards)

A few of Matthew Else's messages on the subject of evangelism have been gathered together

What is to blame for the lack of entusiasim for evangelisim? God has ordained that the witness of the Christian community would be the means of building the church. In the apostolic age the believers had entusiasim, a sense of urgency. Ungodly men and women cried out in repentence and faith. Today the love of many has waxed cold. Ours is a materialistic society. Like the rich fool we are building bigger. We should be concerned about all the lost people around us rushing to eternity.
Duration:31 mins 22 secs

Sun, Feb 16, 1992

Mary of Bethany

Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to his ministry. She appreciated her need to learn from him. Do you?
Duration:29 mins 54 secs

Sun, Jul 29, 1990

Why People Will Not Come

"Ye will not come to me." These solemn words come from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a physical coming, but a coming in repentance and faith. We are all affected by sin in every part of us and this includes your will. So we need to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in our evangelism.
Duration:35 mins 38 secs

Sun, Sep 02, 1984


Who receive the gospel invitation? Those who thirst. What is the gospel invitation? A call to come to Christ and drink.
Duration:29 mins 57 secs

Sun, Sep 02, 1984

Depend For Success

Duration:35 mins 12 secs

Sun, Aug 05, 1984

Door To Door Evangelism

The Lord Jesus Christ sent his disciples to do local evangelism. We need to consider what is essential in our work locally.
Duration:40 mins 46 secs

A report by Grace Baptist Church Peel

The first step towards legalising euthanasia in the Isle of Man took place on Tuesday May 14th 2003, when two politicians from the south of the Island sought leave to introduce a Bill to the House of Keys. MHKs [Members of the House of Keys] John Rimington and Quintin Gill were behind the move, which was prompted by the condition of one of their constituents, Mr Patrick Kneen, who was a cancer sufferer.

Following the discussion, an amendment from Alex Downey MHK granting leave to introduce a Bill on Euthanasia was passed by 15 votes to 7. However, before the introduction of the Bill, a Select Committee has been set up to thoroughly investigate the issue. After reading and hearing evidence from concerned members of the Manx public (and presumably also from interested friends off the Island), the Committee Members will present their findings to the House of Keys.

The Christian response to euthanasia is to unequivocally oppose it. To put it bluntly, euthanasia is killing. In legal terms, it is ‘the intentional killing of a patient as part of his or her medical treatment.’ Although it is referred to as ‘mercy killing’, the end result of euthanasia is the deliberate ending of a person’s life. To quote a recent Briefing Paper produced by CARE, “The key factor is the intention behind the act. Euthanasia occurs when a doctor, friend, or relative intentionally ends a person’s life, to ‘put them out of their misery’, i.e. kill them.”

Matthew Else was the minister of Grace Baptist Church Peel from the church's founding in 1975 until his home call in 2008. His Lord's Day ministry of the word was usually recorded from about 1984 onward. These messages are listed in the order they have been transferred from cassette tape to the computer.

Sun, Dec 22, 2019

The Birth of Christ

A humble birth having laid aside his glory, from the cradle to the cross, now exalted on high. This is what Christmas is all about.
Duration:28 mins 28 secs

The Bible abounds with people who experienced the nearness of the Lord. The Lord is always near to his people when they call on his name. What does it mean to call on his name?
Duration:26 mins 6 secs

Sun, Aug 24, 1997

Why Belivers Need Comfort

Duration:33 mins 54 secs

Sun, Sep 25, 1994

Known And Unknown

Duration:33 mins 59 secs

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