picture of church building at night time

In July 1973 Grace Baptist Church Onchan held a gospel mission in Peel. Much work was undertaken in visitation and the meetings were greatly blessed of the Lord. Regular meeting were started and in January 1974 the Church was constituted. With the blessing of the members at Onchan, Matthew Else, their minister, took up the Pastorate in Peel. In the early years meeting were held in the Christian Street Hall (now the Philip Christian Centre), which meant a lot of moving of chairs.

By the grace of God the church has been able to continue with no compromise in the Reformed Faith, the gospel has been preached and Sunday school work undertaken. For over 20 years a very popular holiday Bible club was held.

In 1988 a new venture was began, there was no thought of it being anything other than local. For the First issue about 30 copies of one of Mr. Spurgeon's sermons were printed and distributed, mostly to local believers. The sermons were given or sent freely as the Lord provided. It was not long before requests began to come in from folk in the UK and then from around the world. Many sermons were dispatched to Africa, especially Zambia and Zimbabwe but it was contacts made in India that were to have the most impact upon us as a church fellowship. In 1996 our late Pastor Matthew Else was invited to visit. The people he met and what he saw had an impact on him, especially a boy who needed surgery so that he would be able to stand up and walk. Eventually an Isle of Man registered charity, Grace Third World Fund, was formed and an orphanage built. But we are interested in caring for the soul as well as the body and undertake our work for the glory of God, so quite separate from the charity work a new church building was erected at the orphanage site and eventually a local church constituted with the London Baptist Confession of faith of 1689 as its doctrinal standard.

In 2008 Matthew Else was called to glory very suddenly. This was a great shock to all. However it was the Lord's time and the members looked to the Lord to provide. By His grace we were led to call Glenn Walters to the Pastorate in 2010.

In 2012 a new hall was added to our building and this has been brought into use for a wide range of groups.