picture of church building at night time

Our present site and building have long histories, but as a school rather than as a church. In 1765 a Mathematical school was opened for instruction in mathematics and navigation. By 1836 the school had declined and the building was in a very poor state so the school was closed. Work started in 1844 on a new building and a house for the school master. This was finished in time for the school to reopen in 1848. It closed as a school for the final time in 1892 but the St. Germans Young Mens continued to use it until the early 1950's. Peel Football Club was founded in the building in 1888 and to mark the centenary a commemorative plaque was unveiled after a special service.

When we first began to use the building there were metal rings fixed into the front yard. These were used for tying up boats by the Sea Cadets. They finally left in 1960, after which the property was left empty until the Salvation Army opened in Peel in 1971. The Salvationists only stayed a few years and we were able to rent from them from 1979. They asked if we wanted to buy it in 1982. The internal walls were a dark blue with many damp patches and sometimes with water running down.

In the mid 1990's the main hall was completely refurbished by local builders Kaneen And Kneen. The windows put in then are as close to the original design as possible.

In 2011 work began on a new extension in the back yard which led to a second hall being added along with new toilets (including disabled facility) and kitchen. It was providential that work began when it did as it was discovered that one of the outside walls of the old kitchen was in a very bad state and could potentially have collapsed. The extension was opened with a thanksgiving service on 17th march 2012.