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Spurgeon Publications is a ministry carried out by our fellowship. The work is mainly related to the printing and distribution of sermons preached by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Mr Spurgeon was a faithful preacher of the gospel who lived in the late 19th century. He became known as “The Prince of Preachers”, and during his lifetime he preached thousands of sermons, many of which were printed in booklet form. A number of years ago we felt there was a need to get some strong, biblical teaching into the hands of Christian people. With this in mind, in 1988, the church began reproducing Mr Spurgeon’s messages in individual booklets.

Over the years we have drawn material from various periods of Mr Spurgeon's life, and it is clear from the letters we have received, that the individual sermons we send out have been of great benefit to many of our readers. Sometimes these small booklets arrive at a most appropriate time, and have been used to help in times of particular trial and difficulty.

Although they were originally preached over a hundred years ago, they are still as relevant today as they were then. We do not charge for these timely messages, they are sent wherever they are requested and the work is maintained by the sacrificial free-will gifts of Christian friends. All the money donated to Spurgeon Publications is used for the production and circulation of the printed sermons. We have very limited financial resources ourselves. We do not have an office, nor do we have very much equipment. Most of the work is carried out in the homes of two of our members, but it is very rewarding. The first sermon we reproduced was sent out in December 1988, and despatched to precisely 35 people. The mailing list grew and now these are sent only to the British Isles, but all over the world. Many sermons have gone into prisons in 3 different continents, some of them read by men on Death Row.

It was through a copy of one of Mr Sprugeons sermons that contact was first made with friends in India, which led to the establishing of the Grace Third World Fund charity.

What a privilege to be involved in a work such as this.