Matthew Else was the minister of Grace Baptist Church Peel from the church's founding in 1975 until his home call in 2008. His Lord's Day ministry of the word was usually recorded from about 1984 onward. These messages are listed in the order they have been transferred from cassette tape to the computer.

Sun, Dec 22, 2019

The Birth of Christ

A humble birth having laid aside his glory, from the cradle to the cross, now exalted on high. This is what Christmas is all about.
Duration:28 mins 28 secs

The Bible abounds with people who experienced the nearness of the Lord. The Lord is always near to his people when they call on his name. What does it mean to call on his name?
Duration:26 mins 6 secs

Sun, Aug 24, 1997

Why Belivers Need Comfort

Duration:33 mins 54 secs

Sun, Sep 25, 1994

Known And Unknown

Duration:33 mins 59 secs

Duration:32 mins 13 secs

Duration:33 mins 37 secs

Duration:29 mins 47 secs

Duration:32 mins 48 secs

Duration:32 mins 36 secs

Duration:31 mins 58 secs

Pilate was given advice by his wife, but he rejected it.
Duration:29 mins 28 secs

Sun, May 23, 1993

Be Angry And Sin Not

Duration:28 mins 9 secs

Sun, Jun 15, 1997

The Rejoicing of Jesus

Duration:29 mins 29 secs

Sun, Jan 21, 2001

Psalm 23

Duration:28 mins 34 secs

Mon, Mar 07, 2005

Superstar Radio Interview

In 2005 the very popular musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" was performed in Douglas. Grace Baptist Church Peel undertook a witness to theatre goers and Matthew Else was interviewed on Manx Radio. This is a slightly edited version without the questions. Apologies for the backgroud audio.
Duration:2 mins

Christian you have been redeemed by the blood of Christ. You have been saved according to the riches of his grace.
Duration:30 mins 7 secs

Sun, Jun 17, 1990

The Happy Man

God has given us his precious word. It should be your delight to read it.
Duration:26 mins 49 secs

In giving counsel to husbands the apostle Paul sets before them the example of the Lord jesus Christ. Self sacricial love, ultimatly expressed in laying down your life.
Duration:36 mins 25 secs

Sun, Jan 07, 1996

Holy Without Blemish

Christ desires his church to be holy. Today we come short of the divine standard but there is a work going on in our lives right now, a work of sanctification.
Duration:29 mins 12 secs

Sun, Jan 07, 1996

Practicle Counsel

Much can be learnt from the life of Joseph about the Lord Jesus Christ.
Duration:27 mins 8 secs

Sun, Jun 01, 1997

The Spirit's Own Sword

This world is a battlefield and all christians are soldiers. There is onl;y one way we can stand our ground and that is be putting on the whole armour of God. The Bible is the Spirit's sword.
Duration:31 mins 44 secs

Paul said little about his own personal condition, but he did entrust Tychicus with this personal duty. He wants them to know that whilst he is in prison the gospel is going forward. Sharing information is helpful for prayer.
Duration:32 mins 43 secs

Mon, Mar 07, 2005

Superstar Radio Interview

In 2005 the very popular musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" was performed in Douglas. Grace Baptist Church Peel undertook a witness to theatre goers and Matthew Else was interviewed on Manx Radio. This is a slightly edited version without the questions. Apologies for the backgroud audio.
Duration:2 mins

Sun, Oct 22, 1989

Jonah's Prayer

Jonah prayed in unique circumstances, but we see the ordinary principles of believing prayer. This cry from Jonah's lips can help us as ordinary Christians to pray. We note he pared from the belly of the big fish. This was a living hell for him. There is no place on earth where we can not pray and be heard by the Lord.
Duration:33 mins 47 secs
Tags: prayer

Sun, Oct 22, 1989

Thankful For Mercies

We are called to give thanks unto the Lord for he is good, to continually offer our sacrifice of praise.
Duration:31 mins 36 secs

Sun, Feb 23, 1992

Mary of Bethany Part 2

Mary was a befriended woman. Jesus loved Martha and her sister. Friendship with Christ is common to all God's people.
Duration:35 mins 12 secs

When you pray you are to keep on asking. We should not be quitters in the church of Christ.
Duration:37 mins 2 secs
Tags: prayer

As Christians we are not children at a party, we are soldiers in a battle. Many today speak of enjoyable meetings etc. However, we need to appreciate the Christian life is an onging battle. The church is not a social club. The hymn writer reminds us "fierce may be the conflict, strong may be the foe, but the king's own army none can overthrow."
Duration:32 mins 53 secs

The Apostle Paul has been teaching about the immensity of the love of Christ. How should we respond to the love of Christ? Our three headings are comprhend, know and be amazed.
Duration:23 mins 58 secs

Sun, Sep 15, 1996

Joseph Prepares To Die

As Joseph prepared to die there are three things which he did which show how like the Lord Jesus Christ he was.
Duration:36 mins 52 secs

Sun, Sep 15, 1996

The Wiles of the Devil

Christian, as you engage in the fight of faith, you have to stand against all the powers of darkness. You are up against the devil and all the demons at his command. That is why it is so vital that you put on the whole armout of God. Many people know about the davil but are ignorant about his devices. You need to know what you are up against
Duration:35 mins 16 secs

In this beautiful verse we are shown the care and compasssion of Joseph. This reminds us of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done and will do for us. The Lord's people are very special to him.
Duration:28 mins 45 secs

The seasons of sowing watering and harvest speak to us of how God regenerates his people whent he seed of the word is sown in their hearts.
Duration:27 mins 51 secs

Sun, Nov 02, 1997

Reverence Not Rebellion

We have rain and we have harvest, so there is food for us to eat. Our daily bread comes from the Lord. Reverence for the Lord should be your response, but we are instead rebellious!
Duration:29 mins 25 secs

Jesus was a teacher, he preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God.
Duration:31 mins 52 secs

Sun, Feb 11, 1990

Chist's Second Coming

Many Christian people have been put off thinking about Christ's second coming. This is because of the fanciful, sensational and unbiblical teaching of some evangelicals on the subject. But Christ is coming, we must not neglect the subject. He will deliver us from sin, sorrow and suffering. His coming will be glorious, we should live in the light of it.
Duration:34 mins 21 secs

Jesus was a teacher, he preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God.
Duration:31 mins 52 secs

Sun, Oct 01, 1989

Peter's Mistake

It was normal for a servant to wash dusty feet. It was a lowly task. In the upper room there were only the disciples and Jesus. When none of the disciples offered to do this work Jesus, the Son of God, became a servant unto all. Peter then made some mistakes which we can learn from.
Duration:31 mins 16 secs

Many religionists today do not know where to find the Lord Jesus Christ. The truth is that he is to be found through out the Old Testement.
Duration:37 mins 56 secs

Sat, Sep 24, 1988

Four Things

The ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to the disciples is exceedingly precious.
Duration:33 mins 15 secs

Paul prayed and prayed regularly. When Paul contemplated God he fell down on his knees and prayed. Whatever circumstances you are in you should pray and pray reverently unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Duration:35 mins 10 secs

Sun, Dec 01, 1991


From the tribe of Asah, one of the ten lost tribes from the time of the excile. She was a faithful worshiper at the temple. She was looking for the Saviour.
Duration:33 mins 50 secs

Sun, Aug 01, 1993

Man of Sorrows

The prophet speaks clearly of the Lord Jesus Christ, as one writer explains "His life was one continued chain of labour, sorroe and consuming pain." Another says that "He was never seen to laugh." He wept, he was excedding sorrowful, but no laughter. He was aqainted with grief, with sickness, with our physical afflictions. His heart went out to all who were sick.
Duration:25 mins 33 secs

Sun, Aug 01, 1993

Edifying Speach

Not only must your conversation be clean, it should be edifying, helpful, encouraging and good.
Duration:34 mins 43 secs

Sun, Oct 22, 1995

Hasty Response Required

In this beautiful verse of scripture we see Joseph's enthusiasim to be reunited with his father. Joseph encourages his brothers to go quickly and bring their father to him. When something is right you should wast no tiome in doing it.
Duration:29 mins 55 secs

Sun, Jun 22, 1997

Praying In The Spirit

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit? Having the assistance of, being under the influence of and exhibiting the qualities of the Spirit when we pray.
Duration:28 mins 36 secs

Sun, Oct 22, 1995

Hasty Response Required

In this beautiful verse of scripture we see Joseph's enthusiasim to be reunited with his father. Joseph encourages his brothers to go quickly and bring their father to him. When something is right you should wast no tiome in doing it.
Duration:29 mins 55 secs

As a professing Christian you should be able to tell the difference between justification and sanctification. Justification is a judicial act. Sanctification is a purifying act.
Duration:33 mins 54 secs

Godly women had gone to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus Christ, but they found the tomb empty. Jesus had been dead, but now he had been raised. The Lord of life and glory. This is a fundamental trust, if Christ be not raised our hope is in vain.
Duration:21 mins 44 secs

Sun, Apr 15, 1990

Doubting And Following

In a special day on Easter Day we rejoice together in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Calvary Jesus died as a substitute for sinners, he was buried, but praise God, the grave could not hold him. He rose from the dead triumphant. True disciples often doubt and even forget, we must ask for increased faith.
Duration:28 mins 12 secs

It is quite probable that when the Sabbath came Cain and Able brought their offerings. Why did God deal with them differently? Cain was a wicked man who lived a bad life, his sacrifice was an abomination onto the Lord. He then became angry with God instead of being humbled.
Duration:31 mins 3 secs

Sun, Jul 22, 1990

Truth About Trusting

There is one thing that predestinated people do. They trust in Christ. Those who have been predestinated believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Four points. The people who trust, the person in whom they trust, the preaching by which they trust and God's purpose for those who trust.
Duration:30 mins 48 secs

Because he humbled himself, God the Father has exalted the Lord Jesus Christ, and hath made all things subject to Christ. This universal power is exercised for the benefit of the Church.
Duration:27 mins 12 secs

Fri, Sep 07, 1990


Andrew was a man who followed the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus was shown to be the messiah, he wasted no time in following. We should leave all and follow the Lord. Have you? Signing a card or going forward at a meeting does not make you a Christian. Christ said "My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me." The true Christian wants other people to find him too. The church must go out where the sinners are.
Duration:37 mins 55 secs

Sun, Sep 02, 1990


It is difficult, but not impossible, for a rich man to go to heaven. Not many, but some, and Matthew was one.

The apostle Paul never forgot the Christian believers at Ephesus. He never ceased to pray for them, giving thanks. If you care for someone, and you are a Christian you will pray for them. You should be challenged to pray for one another. Genuine care will reveal itself in prayer. A good pastor prays for the congregation, faithful members pray for the pastor.
Duration:26 mins 24 secs

Sun, Mar 25, 1990

Praising God

Our praise should be centred on the Lord. Our thoughts must not be focused on self. So many praise God for their own benefit rather than for God's glory. It does you good to praise God, but your motives must be watched. The main aim should be to glorify God.
Duration:31 mins 28 secs

Sun, Mar 25, 1990

The Blessing of Election

The apostle Paul lists some of the ways we have been blessed of God. We have been blessed with election, adoption and redemption. Election is mentioned first, it is the spring from which all other blessings flow.
Duration:30 mins 26 secs

She pleads for just a crumb of mercy and she is heard. What a lesson for us, let us pray, let us seek the Lord for crumbs of mercy.
Duration:27 mins 19 secs

Sun, Apr 12, 1992

What God Is Really Like

Duration:29 mins 23 secs

Sun, Dec 31, 1995

Without Spot or Wrinkle

Christ Loved The Church and gave himself for it that it would be pure. These wonderful words speak of the time whena ll atyhe members of the church shall be sinless. The work of sanctification is taking place. As a result we are being more and more enabled to die to sin, however, this work is not yet complete. One day it will be. God never does anything by halves, he will perform this good work.
Duration:31 mins 8 secs

Joseph showed his feelings, his brothers saw the real Joseph.
Duration:38 mins 54 secs

Sun, Jan 06, 1985

So Built We The Wall

There is a tremendous need for the pulling together of the Lord's people. When Nehemiah explained the problem the people stirred one another up to action. May you have a resolve to reach out to other people with the gosple. Don't delay, immediate action is required. The date is based on a reference to new year resolutions and working in 1985, it is, therefore, uncertain.
Duration:29 mins 46 secs

Saul, having been persecuted for his faith,was persecuted in Jerusalem too. The bretheren sent him to Tarsus because they had his well being at heart. Some have said they ushered him out to prevent general persecution, t6his is not so. These Christians cared for Saul.
Duration:32 mins 26 secs

"Jesus Christ, who are you, what have you sacrificed?" was a questioned asked, but not answered by the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar." I am going to answer the question using the names of Christ.
Duration:33 mins 59 secs

The word trinity is not in the Bible, but the doctrine is set forth very clearly. There are three persons in the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are co-equal, co-eternal, these three persons are one.
Duration:29 mins 55 secs

Sun, Oct 18, 1992


Could you be recommended to another church? The apostle Paul's recommendation of Phebe tells us that although she had a pagan name she was born again of the Holy Spirit and that she was a servent of the church.
Duration:31 mins 47 secs

Sun, Oct 18, 1992

Childish? Immature?

Children lack experience and so are gullible and easily swayed. Sadly many christians are like this too.You should be mature so that you are not easily sucked in be heresy.
Duration:36 mins 13 secs

The word of the Lord is perfect. There is a uniqueness about the holy scriptures because they proceed from the mouth of the Lord.
Duration:34 mins 47 secs

Sun, Feb 18, 1990

The Marks of An Apostle

Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus as an apostle of Jesus Christ. You need to understand what this means. There are five essential marks of an apostle and all of them must be found.
Duration:29 mins 35 secs

Sun, May 16, 1993

Pontius Pilate

Pilate was the judge in the trial of the Lord Jesus Christ. He signed the death warrent, he yielded to pressure contrary to his inclination and he wrote an instructive inscription and was pressurised to change the wording.
Duration:31 mins 32 secs

"Be ye angry and sin not" is easier said than done, however, the apostle Paul has some very practical advice for he goes on to say, "let not the sun go down upon your wrath". There are two points, firstly do not hold onto your anger for too long and secondly do not take your anger with you to bed.
Duration:27 mins 26 secs

Many tghings are optional but one is essential and that is the new birth.Jesus said "Ye must be born again". Regeneration is the entrance requirement for heaven. On the day of judgement many will be told "I never knew you." Attendence at worship is not enough.
Duration:33 mins 48 secs

Sun, Nov 10, 1991

Show Us The Father

Philip wanted a rather inappropiate favour. A lot of people say seeing is believing. Philip wanted a theophany, a visible manifestation of God to man, a visible display of God's glory. Philip had been with Christ and had seent he miracles and heard the teaching, but he did not appreciate Christ. You know so much of the Lord Jesus Christ, but do you appreciate him?
Duration:38 mins 17 secs

Christ is the chief cornerstone of the Church and you Christian, are the bricks that are built on Christ. So there is unity, but this is real not false as the ecumenists have.
Duration:30 mins 8 secs

Sun, Nov 10, 1991

An ABC of Prayer

Christian people have many blessings, one is particularly special. We have access to God in prayer. We can come with boldness and have access with confidence. The Bible teaches the priesthood of all believers, access is free because the price has been paid by the precious blood of Christ. Do you pray? The world, the flesh and the devil will try to stop you praying
Duration:28 mins 45 secs

Sun, Jul 05, 1992

The Oneness of The Church

"There is one body" the glorious body of Christ, the church. There is really only one church on earth, though there are different denominations etc. We are a local church and there are other evangelical churches on in the Isle of Man. The local church is the local expression of the body of the one body. The one holy catholic church has nothing to do with Romanism! Regeneration is needful to belong to the one body.
Duration:30 mins 21 secs

Sun, Apr 04, 1993

Putting Off The Old Man

If the old man is already crucified with Christ why do Christians sin? And what should you do about it?
Duration:27 mins 5 secs

In 1992 the child in the mothers womb was still protected in the isle of Man, but moves were being made to legalise the "medical termination of pregnancy" ie abortion. This messsage is one of several that were preached outlining the biblical position. The questions of disabilities and rape are very emotive, but all must be seen in the light of the word of God.
Duration:26 mins 34 secs

Sun, Apr 12, 1992

What God Is Really Like

Duration:29 mins 23 secs

The fundermentals of the faith are under attack. "If the foundation be destroyed what will the righteous do?" Psalm 11:3. Jude tells you to earnestly contend for the faith. We are not in a garden picking flowers, we are in a battle. Stand against error, contend for truth.
Duration:28 mins 18 secs

Sun, Oct 04, 1992


Dorcas was a disciple, a learner of Jesus Christ, and a women who did what she could for others. She abounded in good works. Christianity is a practicle faith. But, christians are no exception to the troubles and illness. So she was reasdy to die, are you?
Duration:35 mins 30 secs

Christ has given men with a ministry to the church. This shows hios concern for the edification of his people.
Duration:25 mins 18 secs

Today the Lord Jesus Christ is seated in glory making intercession for his people. He is our great High Priest in heaven. However, he was also undertaking his High Priestly ministry when he was on earth. He offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears.
Duration:21 mins 5 secs

Sun, Feb 02, 2014

The Primacy of Preaching

The Lord Jesus Christ went about doing good. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and raised the dead to life again. Was that what he came to do? Was that his focus? No these acts of mercy were signs that pointed to his preaching. So when the multitude came pressing upon him, he preached from a boat. When Jesus ordained the apostles, it was to a ministry of preaching.
Duration:34 mins 43 secs

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